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Genealogy has become a consuming hobby for the both of us.  Many strangers have opened up their mailboxes to find letters questioning them if they were related.  Literally hundreds of emails have been sent out in search of information, many resulting in significant progress in our search for even more relatives.  We now have a genealogical database totaling 71,500 individuals.  Because of the huge size of our database, it is almost impossible to put all of our data online.  So instead, we have put our direct lines.  Most of these families seem to originate in England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, and France.  There are some lines that we just aren't sure of yet, so we continue to search.  The Internet has been a marvelous resource.   If it hadn't been for the hard work of many people and their research we wouldn't have the amount of knowledge about our forbearers (both good and bad.)  So, below, we are listing some of our favorite pages.  We think that you will like them too!

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